So how do snap frames work and what makes the difference?

So how do snap frames work and what makes the difference?

In-store signs such as snap frames are highly popular in retail stores as they display a modern visual look. These snap frames are suited for a wide range of applications. They are preferred as they last longer, are a perfect replacement for the light bulbs and provide tube lighting for display on various points-of-sale. The light poster frames offer great illumination despite having a very slim frame. For instance, the frames at are top quality and simple-to-use. They have thin line frames and LED light box frames with patented rail designs that provide a secure grip. To change the graphics on display, you lift up the edge of each frame on all four corners.

The wall-mounted displays

Snap frames can be easily mounted adjacent to one another.
This creates an eye-catching collage format or menu board.

The back to back displays

There are instances where a signage works best when it’s
visible on both sides. This can be signs or window displays that hung from store ceilings. The double-sided snap frames remain the best solution that can be securely hung using hardware such as cables with saucer fittings or looped cables.

Illuminated displays

The lightbox snap frames rely on LED to reignite their graphics. Backlighting ensures that your messages receive maximum exposure. Alternatively, their appearance to the passerby is appealing. Consider using LED light boxes when looking at your next retail displays. With this new technology, the future of illuminated retail sign displays is bright. No longer will we have to spend a lot of money or electricity and bulb replacement costs.

Unlimited options with the snap frames

The LED light boxes are the venture for companies that want to showcase their green environment credentials. They consume less power yet provide an equally good illumination. The powerful illumination is what brings about their unique promotional attribute which is an instant sales winner. When the running costs are slim you will be forced to use energy-saving LED illumination technology. Have a snap frame open to showcase graphics changes. You can opt for the high or even illumination distributions. This is accompanied by a 1mm outer poster cover. This is finished off with a silver anodized aluminum frame which can be custom made to suit every retailer. All snap frames have PVC covers with anti-glare finishing which ensure that your posters are clearly seen without interference from sun rays bouncing off the PVC.

Things to consider

You are not limited to the standard snap frames. On request,
the will be cut to a size that your customers will find most suitable. This creates an entire range of possibilities. It’s quite easy mounting snap frames as they are stationed on pre-drilled holes on the wall. You can also hang them with slat wall hangers, adhesives or wall hangers. Advances in technology have seen the introduction of waterproof snap frames. The exterior is a watertight seal to prevent water from slipping into the graphics. Businesses can also request for their snap frames to appear in their brand color schemes. Recent modes have a high gloss chrome effect that makes them perfectly suited for the catering and restaurant industry.