The Benefits Of Animatics

The Benefits Of Animatics

Animatics refer to storyboards that carry a preview of a movie, film, video or television commercial and that are brought to life through sound and animations. Essentially, animatics are developed to diagnose content of existing errors and ensure that the flow of information is consistent to the script’s storyline before the actual production commences. Animatics act as simplified mock-ups that give the producer or developer a better understanding of how ideas flow from one scene to another. Kindly click here for more information on animatics.



Through animatics, the developer or producer of artwork can detect errors that occur in casting and positioning of the various scenes. There are multiple ways to test the animatics to ensure that images and sounds in a work of artwork effectively. It becomes possible using animatics for producers and editors to work on the screenplay, shot list, camera positioning and timing issues. At this point, it is also possible to make amendments to the animations and timing.

Idea development

Animatics are developed as part of separate ideas that carry different information. This is very common in infomercials, animated marketing adverts for television. They involve creating several scenarios as a way of generating new ideas that fit the client’s particular need. The chosen animatics best suit the client’s needs which then proceeds to production or release for consumption. Interestingly, at this point of the animatics, producers become critics of some concepts replacing this with what is acceptable or true. Moreover, they get to translate the ideas into workable creative solutions that enhance the agreeableness of the production to the general public. It is also possible to rate the artwork of adult scenes hence provide a disclaimer on age consideration for some of the productions.

Outlines the artwork

Animatics give a sneak peek into what the whole documents represent. They explain the theme and subject topic of the movie at a glance. It attracts the target audience interest to a particular work of art that is about to be released as a way to test the waters whether people like it or not. Moreover, it allows producers to check on the quality of the resolution, color and themes used. Also, it ensures that the narration correlates with particular scenes within the movie, video clip or infomercial.

Production blueprint


Well executed animatics give an insight into the final product. Hence, it is possible to associate the animatics with the final production plan of the work of art. Moreover, at this point, the animatics act as the blueprint for production in areas such as; sound design, music selection, editing, voice over, lighting, and cinematography among others. Moreover, animatics are a cheaper option in correcting faults than going into production than having to forego a project due to the existence of problems during and after production.